Solar PV meets 10.8% of Italian electricity demand in May 2014

Before even the official start of summer, Italy’s solar photovoltaic (PV) plants are meeting more than 10% of the nation’s electricity demand, according to figures released by grid operator Terna (Rome).

The nation’s PV plants generated 2.68 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity during May 2014, a 10% increase over a year prior, and met 10.8% of the nation’s electricity demand. When hydro, geothermal and wind are included, Italy met 41% of electricity demand during the month with renewable energy.

Italy remains a solar leader, despite closure of feed-in tariff.

Italy meets the highest portion of its demand with PV of any mid-sized or large nation on earth on an annualized basis, at 7.0% in 2013.
While Italy’s PV market has slowed dramatically since the closure of its feed-in tariff in 2013, the nation is still expected to install 2 GW in 2014. As a result, the portion of demand met with PV continues to rise.

In the first five months of 2014, Italy’s PV plants generated 8.96 TWh, an 11% increase over the first five months of 2013. During this period PV met 7.1% of electricity demand, and all renewables together 34% of demand.