p001_1_00SPS istem srl is a reality specialized in the renewable energy field. Our company, based in Verona, was founded in 2005 when some of our partners decided to integrate glass building façades adding new photovoltaic systems to convert sun rays into electricity.

At the very beginning the company specialized in glass/glass pv technology. Following this successful start ,in 2007, SPS partners decided to enlarge SPS core business and started producing high efficiency polycrystalline photovoltaic modules.

In the second part of 2008 SPS istem srl moved to its new seat, where a 100Kwp photovoltaic system will be installed to produce the energy required by the plant.

Thanks to a brand new production line that increased SPS annual capacity to 50 Mwp, and to expanded facilities, SPSistem enters a new decisive phase of its development and is now able to satisfy all clients requests and to be more present both in Italian and European photovoltaic markets.

At SPS istem, we produce high-quality and high-efficiency multicrystalline photovoltaic modules. Our STANDARD 50 and 60 CELLS MODULES cover power outputs from 175W to 250W. In addition to the standard series we can offer our PLUS RANGE that features positive power performance tolerances from 0-+5%, and a STAND-ALONE SERIES for 12V applications.

We recently introduced our SPS-INTEGRA, a new product based on Solrif® photovoltaic in-roof installation system, the BLACKGHOST, an innovative system that can perfectly substitute roofing tiles, and a new range studied and designed for greenhouses, our SPS -TERMSER.

p001_1_01Each module is tested with a solar simulator (calibrated with PV module tested by Swiss institute ISAAC) in order to check technical features and operation sticking to tolerance limits. Any report is stored, and can be supplied to installers and final clients.

Our technical office is able to analyze and project every kind of module, so that we can develop this technology in many different applications like big cruise ship , cars, camper etc. with a virtually unlimited range of uses.

During 2007 SPSistem obtained IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certifications, fundamental to certify quality and also to obtain contributes from the state, and in 2009 ISO 9001 for quality management systems.

Our aim for year 2012 is ISO 14001 certification for environment and OH SAS 18001 certification for occupational Health and Safety.